Flying Objects

In my labyrinth of internet research today I came across an interesting exhibitions about sympathetic magic that was featured at the Armory Center for Arts in Pasadena last year. Unfortunately, there were no images of the exhibition since it consisted mainly of moving image works. I looked up a few of the artists in the show and found the video work IFO by Catherine Ross particularly interesting.

Ross has trawled through loads of episodes of the American 1960s sitcom Bewitched and edited clips of domestic objects moving of their own accord into one video. I’m not sure I like that she left the sound from the original sitcom. It adds a lot of humour to the piece, but I quite like watching it with the sound muted. The clips have an eerie quality which they didn’t have when they were shown on TV. This gives more room to think about what is going on and how it is being done. Slowing it down a bit would help too.

1 thought on “Flying Objects

  1. I knew that was Bewitched before I read it – I remember watching that on TV!!! 🙂

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