Alan Berliner’s Family Album

The disappointment of having to work at my day job at the exact same time artist and filmmaker Alan Berliner comes to Glasgow to deliver a master class free of charge! I, embarrassingly, knew nothing about this wonderfully interesting man until I was introduced to his work by a close friend. No one could take my shift, so I suffered with a visible pout until I could escape my shackles and head off to watch his latest film “First Cousin, Once Removed” with a Q&A session immediately after. I think it’s fair to say I’m enraptured by Berliner’s work.

I have seldom felt so inspired by an artist and understood so much of his process. To think that I wrote a dissertation on the subject of domestic photography, the archive and memory without including Berliner’s work. I don’t understand how I could have missed it. Even our aesthetics are almost identical. He also uses a typewriter font and old family photographs as well as archival material in his work. I have indeed discovered my master.

I could go on raving about Alan Berliner, but I won’t. Suffice to say, I’m currently trying to see everything he has made and allowing myself to be immersed and inspired. Missing the master class was dreadful, but I got a great compensation in the end. After the film, I was privileged enough to meet him, and we had a discussion about the unreliability of memory, the family album and collecting. As a thank you, I gave him my dissertation and apologised for not including him in it. He’ll definitely be featured in my next one.



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